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Cartoon version of Icecream cone ! June 23, 2009

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This time its just a cartoon!

This time its just a cartoon!


A real cone with lots of Ice Cream scoops!

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a real picture of real ice cream

a real picture of real ice cream

The Best Moments in Year 6

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I loved Year 6  it is definately the best year in primary.My favourite part of year 6 was the residential because I got to spend plenty of time with my friends doing very fun activities.Even though the residential was my favourite part of year 6 doesn’t mean I don’t like the other things that we have done! There are plenty of good and bad experiences in year 6 but through the good things and bad things my friends were with me all the way.They are probably the real best thing about year 6…being with my friends!

Ok… I know this entry is a little cheesy but hey I have to do something!


My Friends Blogs

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Hi People here are some links to the blogs of my friends:

They are all good blogs and I’m sure you all will find them very interesting!


Things that a good friend should know!

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Ok these things are what a “good” friend should really know:

One:your name(duh)

Two:Your favourite color

Three:Where You come from

Four:Your Birthday

Five:Where you live…if you really trust them!

Six:Actually they should really know your family(You could skip this idea if you wanted to!)

 Seven: If you have any pets(this comes with the whole package…pets name ,breed e.t.c)

Eight:What class you are in …if your in a different class as her/him

Nine:what your favourrite subject is.

Ten: Last and probably least!If you like them…hey you wouldn’t want to be stuck with an annoying friend would you?



Me and Natasha… as Trojans! June 17, 2009

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Trojan Horse Production

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I really enjyed the Trojan Horse production! The songs were fun to sing and the lines were very funny! I think all the parents enjoyed our production as much as we enjoyed doing it! We only had two weeks to learn and rehearse our lines and songs but I think the production went well! Nobody forgot their lines and Mr. Gosling,Ms.Rachel, Mr.Berghuis and all the other teachers were smiling when we were done!