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Trip to Paragon! June 25, 2009

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Yesterday ,Year 6  went to Siam Paragon to watch a movie and go bowling. We left early but got to paragon late for our movie,night at the museum 2,instead of watching night at the museum 2 we watched a 3D Imax documentary on the ocean! most people were dissapointed but we ended up enjoying the 3d movie! at least now we know to leave school early …just in case! hopefully we will be able to watch The Night at The Museum with our parents this weekend!Anyways blogging about the bowling now…

Mr. Bebbington was our MC so we heard from him…A LOT! all the other teachers were kinda quiet… actually ms.Lester was pretty loud as well! Mr. Gosling won the bowling but everyone decided to give the prize of two tickets to transformers 2 and 6 WHOLE PATANAS(hehe) to the next CHILD who got a score of 111 points.When everyone else was listening to Mr.Bebbington and Ms.Lester announcing the winner Mr. berghuis was bowling!:) 🙂


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